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Oil is one of the most important ingredients for food preparation, and because of concerns about its purity, OSARE TALAEE MOFID Company [OTMA] management and personnel have made their effort to provide you a pure, chemical-free product.

Sesame Pure Oil and Sunflower Pure Oil "OTMA" brand, which is extracted by cold press without any chemical solvents and no chemical preservatives, anti-foam, etc., provided the highest quality and health characteristics Oil. Has taken a major step towards improving the health of the your family.


Tahini is another product of the OSARE TALAEE MOFID Company that is pure without any additives.

All products of OSARE TALAEE MOFID Company are manufactured and supplied in according to the laws and regulations of the National Iranian Standards Organization and the Food and Drug Administration of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education.

The OSARE TALAEE MOFID Company with the motto of Healthy Heart with Healthy Oil commits itself morally and religiously to aim its mission in the health field to promote the consumption of pure and virgin vegetable oils to reduce cardiovascular disease.


OSARE TALAEE MOFID Company will accept representative and distributer in other countries