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Tahini is a paste made from toasted, ground sesame seeds. It has a light, nutty flavor.


Tahini offers several health benefits:


Tahini is full of healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.  Tahini is a great source of phosphorus and manganese, both of which play vital roles in bone health. It’s also high in thiamine (vitamin B1) and vitamin B6, which are important for energy production.


Additionally, about 50% of the fat in tahini comes from monounsaturated fatty acids. These have anti-inflammatory properties and have been linked to a decreased risk of chronic disease.


Tahini contains antioxidants called lignans, which help prevent free radical damage in your body and may reduce your risk of disease.


Some compounds in tahini are highly anti-inflammatory.


Tahini contains compounds that may have anticancer properties.


Tahini contains compounds that may help protect your liver and kidneys from damage.

Weight Box Expiry Date Ingredients Use Box
500 gr 24 Container 12 Months after Production Pure Sesame Paste Hummus & Sauce & Breakfast PET Jar

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